Range of Use: Decoupling of Treadmills
Material: Sylomer®
Reduction of Structure-Borne Noise: 15db

Advantages and benefits:
— Proven reduction of structure-borne noise
— Easy to install – including retrospectively
— Modular set-up, adaptable to each machine
— Patented, unique and multifunctional insulating layer
— Low additional height
— Odourless
— Chemically resistant against standard floor cleaners
— Ergonomically tested
— Maintenance-free and resistant to ageing (no material fatigue)

treadmill isolation pads
treadmill isolation pads technical data
treadmill isolation pads dimensions

Standard packaging:
Set of 4 pads: 2 Front Pads 300×180 mm, 2 Rear Pads 150×150 mm

Installation instruction:
The floor covering must be free of dust and dirt. Set the treadmill to an angle of 0°. Position the rollers of the treadmill at the front edge of the Gear T300 Front treadmill pad inlay. Insert the Rear Pads into the corresponding inlay at a position of 0° under the rear feet.